Driving Lessons

We do 45 minute single lessons and 1hr 30 minute double lessons from a location convenient to you. We can also do 2hr lessons at your request. With a specialised team of professional driving instructors we can teach everything from the very basics to the more advanced driving skills as part of a structured course to ensure you are safe on the road.

All of our driving lessons are one on one providing you with our uninterrupted attention ensuring you get the most out of every minute.  Our vehicles are equipt with dual control, enabling our instructors to maintain control of the vehicle when required, helping get even the most nervous get on the road. All of our vehicles have a 5 star safety rating, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand, knowing that you are as safe as you can possibly be.

We service Melbourne’s Eastern suburbs. For a full list of the suburbs we cover click here

Mock Tests

Are you ready to go for your driving test? In one of our mock driving test we can provide you with an assessment of your driving ability on the test roads you will encounter on the day of your test.  Not only will this give you valuable feedback on your progress, it will also introduce you to some of the obstacles you may encounter on the day, increasing your chance of success and avoiding the major expense of having to take your test more than once.

To help you prepare for your big day this link will provide you with the information you will need from vicroads (

Driving Tests

Do you know what to expect on the day of your test?  Let us take you through it step by step on the day. We can provide you with a steady hand to guide you through the daunting task of going for your license. We will pick you up and spend either 45 minutes or 1hr 30 minutes preparing you for the test and helping calm your nerves on the big day.

Senior Citizen Re-licencing

At Robyn’s Driving School we have over 20 years experience helping people gain their licence.  Recent developments in legislation require older drivers (70yrs and over) to be re-tested following a road incident. We will assist you with any specific concerns, inform you of relevant changes to the road rules and work to get you safely back on the road.