About us

Professional driving school instructors

With a specialised team of professional driving instructors, we are able to provide driving lessons that are
tailored specifically to your needs. Our instructors can teach everything from the very basics to the more
advanced driving skills. By carefully assessing your ability, driving experience and confidence – we can minimise
the number of lessons your require and offer a first time pass guarantee*.

Personalised Service

Being a smaller driving school, with very experienced driving instructors, we are able to provide the same
services as the bigger schools but on a more personalised level. Our instructors have a friendly attitude which
ultimately results in a relationship that promotes better learning. We are able to pick you up from home,
school or work, helping you fit driving lessons into your busy schedule.

Competitive Prices

Without the overheads of the larger driving schools we are able to provide highly competitive prices. Feel free
to give us a call to talk about our student discount or other special offers.